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Move over, Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin: Justin Timberlake has joined the ranks of repeat-hosts who always lift Saturday Night Live to a higher level of quality. Timberlake was all over the show last night, singing and acting in everything from current recurring sketches (in drag as “Peg,” he perked up Kristen Wiig’s wilting Target store bit) to musical numbers (playing keyboards during Ciara’s performance of “Sex Love Magic”), and reviving oldies (he and Jimmy Fallon popped up for a “Barry Gibb Talk Show”).Perhaps best of all, Timberlake and Andy Samberg did a Mother’s Day-themed sequel to their “D— In A Box” digital short. This one once again managed to make vulgarity witty, as their dorky-hipster characters hymned mothers they’d like to — well, this was one for the MILFs in the SNL audience, complete with cameos by Susan Sarandon and Patricia Clarkson. As for Timberlake, his energy and good nature seemed boundless, whether he was crooning through an opening parody number about hosting (“I love you!” someone shouted; “I love you, too!” he shouted back without missing a note) or taking part in a sketch about Irish immigrants arriving at Ellis Island. His thick-brogued “Cornelius Timberlake” said, “I dream of a day when my great-great-grandson will bring sexy back.”


Certainly Timberlake brought the funny back to SNL

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