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A swarming who’s who of art patrons, legendary filmmakers-Jonas Mekas (The father of AMERICAN avant garde cinema) Albert Maysles, (has his own line of Barney’s eyeglasses dedicated to him), Sam Shephard, photographers Ryan McGinley, Mary Ellen Mark, Terry Richardson, celebrities including Calvin Klein, Jessica Lange, Michael Stipe, Zac Posen, Nicole Miller, Helen Schifter, Ann Jones, Kai Kuhne, Chiara Clemente and Zoe Kravitz.

Jonas Mekas, Albert Maysles, Michael Stipe

We chatted with Albert Maysles about the most extraordinary women he has worked with and this is what he said…”I never photographed her but spent some time alone with Eleanor Roosevelt who was a strong wonderful woman, the most beautiful and a bombshell would be Sophia Loren for me, never photographed Marilyn Monroe but my good friend Milton Greene did (Milton’s Marilyn).  I asked what was the most amazing thing he had ever done he said ”Gimme Shelter” and that recently he has been working on ”Get Your Ya Ya’s Out!”

ryan mcginleyzoe kravitzsam shepard

Ladies kept coming up to me and telling me they were freaking out over being in the same room with Patti Smith.  One girl in black leather from head to toe with heavily kohl lined green eyes whispered confidentially to me those boots are Ann Demuelemyster no Fuck Me Blahniks for our Patti Smith! HARD CORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

patti smith

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