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Omarion’s life has not gone according to plan. Once the star of the highly successful group B2K the stars seemed to be aligned to take Omari Ismael  Grandberry to Michael Jackson Status but things don’t always go  according to plan. With his solo projects solid flops and his current job as a judge on America’s Best Dance Crew things don’t appear to be working for O on the Music front. But the worst thing about Omarion has been his tacky sense of style. If clothes are a reflection of who we are what exactly does O’s clothes say about him?

1. O is trying to channel his inner NWA but that horrid vest makes this look more YMCA (as in the gayest member of Village People).  Not cool.

2. Mixed messages. This look is so wrong on so many levels it’s hard to know exactly where to start. A Beatles tee shirt, clam digger/hand rolled Capri pants and boat shoes with a blazer and a  multi-colored change purse?  Um Ok. The Guy in the background at Katsuya says all we want to say “Crickets”.

3. Clearly O has no friend because this re-mixed look has no place on the Red Carpet. Nylon is very accepting of personal expression but this does not count.

4. An old BBC Shirt, those same pants and boat shoes now this look is becoming a felonious.

5. Retro vs Retire. O needs to know that some trends die for a REASON. O needs to learn when to fold them.

6.   Déjà vu. Repeating the same tired  trends and mixing bad trends just does not work O.

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