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Peaches gave a perfectly sane set at the Society For Ethical Culture. A beautifully mystical temple where Timothy Leary would have been quite comfortable tripping in.


My first problem was calling it the Society For Ethical People, ha ha ha where can we find any, certainly not at Wiki Leaks or at the Jersey Shore or blah blah almost any/everywhere. Problema Numero Dos … I was expecting PEACHES to come out in … say a full Lobster Outfit with her Vagina Exposed and in reality really the costuming was almost somber and uninspired.


The third and final worrisome feature was that although I am sure the show was depending on the jocular effect of blasphemy on the faithful audience … it actually came off as positively quasi-religious!  She did sound powerful and obviously knows her JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR backwards and forwards and OMFG that stomping, rolling piano player was beatific and flawless.


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