Red Carpet Fashion Flunkies: The Lottery Edition.

August 14th, 2010 by HFL Staff received Comments Off

Fashion Flunkies really make the red carpet fun and The Lottery Ticket premiere sure did not disappoint in terms of fashion felonies. Shall we begin?

1. Bow Wow is the lead star of the film but he sure did not take his leadership role to heart when he got all “matchy matchy” for the premiere. And just because you left the jacket to your dated shark skinned suit in the car does not make it less noticeable or any less offensive BOW. And how many shades of gray can one man wear? And will someone please tell us why rapper/actors ALWAYS pull out non-prescription glasses to APPEAR more serious? I doubt these Malcolm X inspired specs helped Bow Wow raise his acting game past the level of Roll Bounce… remember that movie? EXACTLY. Moving on…..

2. Jermaine Dupri. Now I think we understand why Janet Jackson left you. Wall Street 2 is going to be a huge movie this fall but even Michael Douglas would not be caught dead in this pin stripped mess in the 80′s when  they did the original version. And speaking of the 80′s did Jermaine steal this tie from Bill Cosby’s Father’s day gifts reject pile? And can we talk about those shoes? Is Buster Brown’s still in business? Clearly JD’s “It must be good to pay less” look is simply not working on the red carpet. Total  FAIL!

3. Angela Simmons. This MTV Daddy’s Girls star should have consulted Rev Run before she came out the house looking like a busted Ci-Error. Butt pads and exposed bras (and deodorant  stains) are not exactly becoming on her. We give this an epic fail because  she is clearly trying…(too HARD) to be something that she’s not. Complete FAIL!

4. Brandon T. Jackson. Brandon, Brandon, Brandon. Two words….Those Boots! The Boots are so distracting that we can’t even  allow you to pass on that “smedium” suit. You need to scrap this entire look and try again. I know you don’t have much screen time (in any  movie) but if you allow Bow Wow to upstage you on the style front you might  as well give up on acting…NOW!  Epic Failure!!

5. Lil Twist. To be a true Fashion Flunkie you have to be versatile and flexible. And while his mentor Lil Wayne is getting philosophical about life and art (in prison), Lil Twist is hitting the red carpet with a sense of purpose. What that purpose is we sure as hell don’t know but that’s not stopping Twist.

Here Twist is showing that a “red carpet” look can easily be re-purposed for the street with a few minor adjustments. Now if this is not being fashion backwards we sure don’t know what is.  Well done Twist! Well done! “He da BEST!”

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