ROLE PLAY RENE: TONY DURAN immortalizes RENE RUSSO erotically in photos.

March 20th, 2009 by Hotel Fashionland received Comments Off

Judging by the sensual photographs dominating the walls at the ROLEPLAYRENE party at the OPENHOUSE GALLERY, TONY DURAN’S book with the same enticing name is a pretty steamy affair as it should be because the “Reality Revolution” is all about “how many ways can we let it all hang out.”

KITHE BREWSTER, a stylist’s stylist styled the book and is pictured here between two socialite designers ELISE OVERLAND and DANI STAHL in an exclusive to HOTELFASHIONLAND photo.  Standing next to the photographer from VOGUE she mentioned that PATRICK McMULLAN takes credit for taking the first photo of ”it” girl OLIVIA PALERMO but it was really her…..I said “Let’ s ask OLIVIA” and we did”…….OLIVIA turned to me and said”YOU!”…….. VOGUE always gets the last word and the VOGUE photographer said “Right from the horse’s mouth!”

Even funnier is how it went down, a very long time ago….Olivia and her boyfriend and I were waiting on the sidewalk, forever, trying to convince a clueless publicist to let us into a party, and  I just thought …wow…she is so beautiful let’s take photo’s.  Another favorite the killer-diller KELLY BENSIMON and I were talking shoes and I mentioned I collect them and even have the pair of VIVIENNE WESTWOOD platforms that caused NAOMI CAMPBELL  to  fall on the runway and KELLY said “I was in that show!!



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