Russell Westbrook is 100% Fashionably Curious

September 11th, 2012 by Hotel Fashionland received Comments Off

Russell Westbrook is really serious about his passion for FASHION. We told you kids a while back that this is Russell Westbrook’s very fist time at NYC Fashion Week but we had no clue he would still be going this strong at the Tents. (Above at Zac Posen).

The Editors over at HFL feel the need to support “some people” who express a genuine enthusiasm for Fashion. The NBA has not known for having tons style off the court but that may be changing with the new generation of players. 

Westbrook is emerging as a “Leader of The New School” of young players who pay very close attention to how they look off the court.  We’re not quite sure Russell has discovered his exact style just yet but we really support his experimentation and fearlessness. (above a Billy Reid).

The Fashion community is clearly embracing a new player into their ranks this year and we’re very excited about that as well. Can a GQ spread be far away??? What do you think of Westbrooks different looks? Do you like his style?  (above:  Tim Blanks, Mandy Moore, Jack Huston, Gabriel Mann, Russell Westbrook.)

Above:  Andre Leon Talley, Russell Westbrook.

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