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Zoe Kravitz at Beware the Gonzo. No one alive has the magic combination of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet at their insanely best… oh, wait Zoe Kravitz!  Are we at Hotel Fashionland, the smittenest or what! Zoe has her own rock royalty, hippie, sexy socialite style and we forgive her for wearing Zac Posen here.  KIDDING!


Cameron Diaz and Eddie Murphy at Shrek.  The ugly green ogre was no where to be seen on the vomit green carpet at the premiere but a glowing, sun-kissed, blue-eyed devil may care blonde who goes by Cameron Diaz worked every inch of the carpet….nothing like a dame who knows she is finer than fine!


Eddie Murphy is one lost soul who doesn’t have to try to be funny anymore and wow Antonio Banderes and Melanie Griffith are still together!?!?!! WOW!  Renee Zellweger at My Own Love Son. ”Renee is in love I hope it’s not Gerard Butler, Tell me it ‘s Bradley Cooper!’  That’s a whole different story!’”




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