TAKERS Premiere Fashion lows…..

August 5th, 2010 by HFL Staff received Comments Off

When attending premieres in HOLLYWOOD what to wear can often be a subjective matter.  But we here at HFL have decided to give you a quick refresher course on what works vs what does not.

T.I. – TI is the STAR of TAKERS and he decided to really dress the part. With  his 100 Watt smile (brand new porcelain veneers) and well tailored suit TI looks 2 legit to quit and we applaud the effort because when left to his own devices he can look like a country bama with a Amex Black Card. So the F-BOMB was dropped by the KING of the South and we approve.

Snoop:  While Snoop has remained to be relevant over the years (love that turn with Katy Perry on California Girls) his look has not how shall we say…..evolved or changed?

Snoop Dog

This particular look could have been easily worn by one of his sons (and we still might find fault with it). Snoop may be WESTSIDE till he dies but he should have 187′d this look BEFORE he hit the Red Carpet. This is a FAIL!

Tyga:  Young dresser! With all the Bling that Young Money posse member Tyga has on you would think he would have more confidence on the red carpet but in this case the jewelry is wearing him. Even the Christian Louboutin sneakers don’t  hold our attention very long. And the hat is just lazy. We give this look a D- .

Chris Brown:  Label Whore! Chris Brown looks like he’s going to take a prom photo at Compton High School. All he’s missing here is his white pimp stick (puke).

The Louis Vuitton scarf is just monstrously ugly (sorry Marc). Just because a designer makes something does  not mean you need to wear it Chris. This is an attention whore starter kit if we ever saw one (down to the vest and holster straps). Monumental failure!

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