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#1. LEVI JOHNSTON. Only in America kids! The Z-List has a new MVP out to pick up where K-Fed left off. With his Baby’s Mother Bristol “I got Played” Palin crying foul on their brief reunion, Levi turned his attention to more important matters……Media Whoring.

While some people scoff at the suggestion of a lasting reunion between Bristol and Levi we here at HFL stand by our assertion that a family that Whores together stays together. Remember we said it here first!

#2.  DAVID BECKHAM. David….we have three words to say to you about this outfit. IN OR OUT? Dude this look of the half tucked in shirt is so FIVE years ago. LET IT GO DUDE!

David Beckham

#3. LAMAR ODOM & KHLOE KARDASHIAN. This relationship is so OVER. No couple that really loves each other would allow one part of the relationship to walk out the house dressed like Lamar Odom is here. That tie???? That shirt??? Those matching sneakers??? We have to cry FOUL on Lamar’s entire “look”. Yep this will be over before the end of the year.

Lamar Odom and wife Khloe Kardashian

#4. JASON DERULO. Jason may think he’s a “Stud” but he looks like a Twat with this outfit on and can someone please explain this pose he’s in? Even Jaden Smith would not rock this OD look….wait…maybe he would but he’s 11!  What’s Jason’s excuse??? EPIC FAIL!

Jason Derulo

#5. LIL TWIST. Lil Wayne Protege Lil Twist is busy keeping the world in touch with his mentor while he’s locked up in Rikers on Weapons Charges. But it’s Lil Twist who should be in Juvenile hall for this tragic hairstyle and over-all look.

Lil Twist

Can someone please call this child’s parents???? We’ll settle for grandma at this point-someone! This boy needs serious STYLE guidance if he thinks this hair looks cool. Just when we thought the Bieber was the worst hairstyle going,Twist showed up with this!

Lil Twist

#6. TRAVIS McCOY. Not only is his X-Girl Katy Perry Trashing him in a song called fittingly “CIRCLE THE DRAIN”on her upcoming Album Teenage Dream but he shows up to an awards show that she’s hosting dressed like this!

Travis McCoyI think it’s fair to say that Travi still has problems with DRUGS because he had to be WASTED to come out of the house dressed like he’s going to Church with Princess Peach in World 5-1 of Super Mario Brothers. We think Travi had one too many mushrooms while getting dressed or at least we sincerly hope he did. EPIC FAIL.

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