Teen Choice Awards

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Blake Lively wins best dressed this year at the 2011 Teen Choice Awards but she’s way past her teen years so she had an unfair advantage.

Killer Louboutin’s too but that’s also unfair given her relationship with Mr. Louboutin himself and having a shoe named after her.

I mean, would you give Michael Jordan props for wearing a hot pair of Air Jordan 3′s?  Nope.

Tyra Banks gives us the black leather catwoman suit. Maybe she figures she can snag the role in the next Batman movie. I mean Eartha Kitt did it on the Batman TV show from the 60′s. Nice matching details Tyra, nails and all.

Somebody must have hit Mr. Weasley with an OBLIVIATE spell because he forgot that message graphic t-shirts are out.

Hey Rupert please just wear a shirt without all the words all over it next time you’re being photographed. OK, mischief managed.

Jason Derulo, its 2011 and Diddy and Mase want their shiny suit back.

Oh Raven, we get that you tried to NOT do the MOST but come on. This doesn’t even seem like something she would wear. OK, we can dig the feather though, thats so Raven. Womp womp.

Usher, I mean Justin Beiber trying to get his half assed HypeBeast on. Matching shirt and flower? Check. Matching earrings, pants and sneakers? Check. Matching black jewelry and G-Shock? Nice try but not quite a beast but you know, never say never. Say hello to Jaden Smith too!

Khloe Kardashian emerges after all the hype surrounding her sister’s upcoming wedding day. Hey Khloe that’s beautiful, what is that velvet? Really Khloe?


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