The Arab Spring!

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It’s hard to imagine another designer who could entice Tyra Banks and Paris Hilton, Grimes and Ryan Lochte into his front row.  But actually, Scott’s is the rare show where the best action is in the standing section.  That’s where the true believers are, bedecked in their best Scott, which means pants sprouting teddy bears and leather jackets bursting into appliquéd flames. 

There were (at least) two girls in the same JS top-and-skirt sweater set with an allover intarsia of Bart Simpson’s face.  Anywhere else, this might’ve been cause for a bout of gasping pique.  Here, it was cause for an Instagram.  There were some amazing details in Scott’s spring 2013 Middle-East-meets-B-boy-with-a-French-luxury-fashion-house-send-up collection.

The sequined leopard-patterned black-and-gold mini-burqas, the toga-draped, classically printed and subtly pleated silk scarf dresses—for both men and women!—and this one amazing placement-print swimsuit. 

Political statement or fashion statement, we like seeing a bit of toughness and aggression on the runway every once in a while.

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