The ART of making an Arrival!

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Well Kids Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week has arrived! For a few short days in Paris, HIGH FASHION indulges in conceptual artistry and fantasy so making a splash during this week really takes TALENT. DRAMA is expected on runways but the drama we’re speaking about starts outside the actual shows. Fashion is seen (by some) as MODERN theater and greatest performances start as soon as the FASHION ELITE arrive to be seated. To be ELITE in fashion means you have a solid name and most importantly POWER.  And let’s face it kids along with art comes commerce and fashion is most definitely a business. Giorgio Armani’s Prive Haute Couture show  at the Palais de Chaillot drew some of the industry’s BIGGEST names and some equally spectacular arrivals. Watch the pros work the press into a pandemonium and learn the art of making the PERFECT entrance.

The Quiet STORM: Katie Holmes arrival at Palais de Chaillot was GAGA-ISH in both nature and scale. Only The Duchess of Cambridge could have whipped this crowed into a bigger celebrity feeding FRENZY…(more on that tomorrow kids).  Notice how Katie  is clam, cool and collected….this is how it’s done kids!

The GREAT KATE! From the moment Cate poked her head out the crowd split and bowed down to her GREATNESS.

The subtle arrival! Daphne Guinness makes a splash without even trying. It so hard to be discrete when you’re this FAB!

The Emperor has an ARMANI suit! Multiple bodyguards are a tell tale sign that someone important has arrived and at an Armani show who really is MORE important than Giorgio?



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