The best moment of the VMA’s

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Another year and yet another edition of the VMA’s. Every year there is usually something that is worth noting from this meeting of the Music Industries Best and Brightest and this year was no exception. Here are our choices of the most interesting moments of the VMA’s

Beyonce party of 2. Leave it to Beyoncé to steal the spotlight at Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards. But it wasn’t one of the pop diva’s signature show-stopping performances that had people talking. Instead, it was Beyoncé’s burgeoning baby bump. Just in June, Knowles, who turns 30 on Sept. 4, told Piers Morgan, “I always said I would have a baby at 30.”  Clearly B is a woman of her word!

Jay-Z’s facial expressions. Jay-Z is usually a man of very controlled emotions but the VMA’s put an end to all of that! During Chris Brown’s performance most of the audience was on it’s feet and applauding, that was everyone EXCEPT Jay-Z. It’s clear that Jay-Z does not forgive and forget people who beat his artists to a pulp. Jay-Z was not showing Chrissy Brown any love during his time on stage and sent a clear message that he does not like women beating felons. But when Jay-Z’s wife took to the stage a new emotion took hold and that was of unbridled happiness and joy. Jay-Z won our collective hearts being the shadiest audience member on a mission that was all about HIM!

Lady Gaga or Ralph Macchio? Lada Gaga was a no-show at the VMA’s  but she sent her chain smoking male alter-ego, Jo Calderone, in her place. Gaga opened the show in full DRAG but her performance was anything but. Falling off the stage and going over everyone’s head was all part of the act and it was worth every second.

Chris Brown’s Comeback falls FLAT. Chris Brown pulled out all the stops to make his “official come back”. Chris danced his behind off in angelic white that you almost forgot he was a convicted Felon as well as a singer. Sadly Chris forgot this was the Music Awards and not MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew. Not only did Beyonce make everyone forget Fistopher Maurice Brown’s performance but she made his “official comeback DOA.

Tyler the Creator is WINNING! “I wanted this SH** since I was 9″


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