“The Bieber” vs “Disney Hair”

May 7th, 2010 by HFL Staff received Comments Off

Call it the Flip and Switch, the Flow, or the Twitch: the Bieber hairstyle – with side swept bangs that end about an inch past where the Beatles snipped theirs off – is everywhere.”The Bieber.” It’s similar to the mod shag of the ’60s, but longer. It’s also a bit like a traditional bowl cut, but again longer and twisted about the head not only to keep the hair out of the eyes, but also to give it that little bit of extra je ne sais quoi that transforms it from a styling mishap into The Bieber. It looks a bit like a haircut gone to seed, but to keep its proper flavor, it needs a bit of styling and maintenance.

It says to the world-and, more importantly, teenage girls-I care about my appearance. Justin Bieber did wonders for his brand by associating himself with such an iconic look but this formula has also been used with much success by Disney and it’s Stars Dylan and Cole Sprouse and of couse Zac Efron. GAWKER.com

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