The Bi#@H is BACK!

April 20th, 2011 by HFL Staff received Comments Off

Britney Spears is supposed to be irrelevant in 2011.  With all that she has been through and with the advent of Lady Gaga one would think that Britney Spears would be about as passe as Tiffany or Debbie Gibson.  But as Rolling Stone has written in a review of her new CD, Femme Fatale, “Britney Spears is pop music’s stealth avant-gardist.” Femme Fatale may be Britney’s best album.  Conceptually it’s straightforward: a party record

Packed with sex and sadness.  Max Martin and Dr. Luke, the world’s two biggest hit makers, are responsible for seven of 12 songs: big melodies and bigger Euro disco thumps.  But other producers go nuts, tossing the kitchen sink at Britney.  On nearly every track, Britney’s voice is twisted, shredded, processed, roboticized.  Maybe this is because she doesn’t have much of a voice; it’s certainly because she, more than almost any other pop diva, is simply game.  Please enjoy the hair tossing pop sensational video TILL THE WORLD ENDS! Cause Brit Brit is “Hotter than the A-list!”  And she’s on our Hit list!  (source:

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