The flagrant FOULS of NBA FASHION!

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When NY Knick Tyson Chandler hosted “A Year In A New York Minute” photo exhibition at Canoe Studios in NYC last night we were very excited to support a good cause. But while this event was for a very worthy cause it was Tyson’s attire that stole the show and got people talking. Tyson Chandler has made MANY questionable style choices for some time now and it got us thinking about other overzealous NBA players who OD on their fashion choices. In fact the red carpet for the UNICEF event brought a virtual PARADE of NBA players who were doing entirely too much.

HFL loves to support people who make an effort when it comes to fashion (Russell Westbrook) but HFL is not a charity organization and when the truth needs to be TOLD we tell it. Here is a list of other NBA player who either need to get glasses or get mirrors they can actually fit in before they leave the house in these nutty getups.  Sorry Tyson but rocking capri pants in September (or any time during the year for that matter) is NEVER OK! And that feather on your lapel is also not cutting it dude.

1. He has ZERO game.

Message to Melo….Givenchy aint for you Bruh.  As bad as Tyson Chandler looks at least he can say he was TRYING to be “original”.  Melo is just jumping on the Givenchy band wagon and it’s simply not working for him at all. Leave the fashion disasters for your wife Lala and the Givenchy for Kanye West. (above:  Carmelo Anthony)

2. Aint no Half Stepping!

When people confuse your look for a bad 80′s costume (before Halloween) you’re doing something VERY wrong. NY KNICK Iman Shumpert is not auditioning to play Big Daddy Kanye he’s just fascinated with the 80′s but this look is a BIG DADDY fail.

If you can’t tell us who Scoob or Scrap Luva are Iman then you have no business dressing like this.  OK?  Get your own look dude.  And FYI…you’re not cool enough to bring that hair cut back dunny.

3. Buy one get one FREE!

Jason Kidd may be one of the “older” players in the league but this look is just not making it. If your suit looks like it came off the discount rack and you are a Millionaire NBA player with a stylist…something is just not adding up.  Jason looks like he’s wearing the “free suit” from his buy one get one free deal at some discount warehouse for men.  Not COOL!

4. Amarie does not rhyme with Kanye.

Ok maybe their names do rhyme but Amare should never want to be the poor man’s Kanye West.  For better or worst Kanye does own the Balenciaga and leather pants look.  Amare looks like he’s riding HARD for G.O.O.D. Music but he does not own this look and the better question is why would he even want to??? If you can’t lead don’t FOLLOW.

When will these Knicks learn????

5. Double FAIL.

JR and Chris Smith are a case of the blind leading the blind. Matching KILLS ok guys? And these looks are FAR too coordinated for our tastes. Double FAIL.

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