The Jeremy Lin Saga

March 1st, 2012 by Hotel Fashionland received Comments Off

And the fans go wilder and wilder with the signs, “all he does is lin, lin, lin”, “superlintendo”, “linderella” and our favorite pictured here. 

When the Knicks number one fan rocks your throwback high school jersey you’ve made it!  (above being worn by Spike Lee)

NYC is one of the most creative cities in the world, check out this fan’s creation.

Jeremy stopped by Nike to make a pair of iD Hyperfuses to tide you over before the LIN shoe drops. I see Jordan-like lines in your future (see Supreme post)

Before the Lakers/Knicks game Kobe said he hadn’t ever seen Jeremy Lin play and didn’t know who he is. After the Knicks beat the lakers and Jeremy dropped 38 points on them, Kobe shows some love at All Star Weekend. Respect is earned.

And just in case you thought America is finally ready to accept all races and stop all stereotyping here comes Ben & Jerry’s Jeremy Lin flavored Ice Cream complete with fortune cookie pieces. Wow.


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