The Kids are NOT ok.

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 Justin is clearly losing his mind these days but more importantly his clothing choices are starting to make this guy a bigger joke than he already is. And Justin’s lack of taste is clearly infectious because the people in his “crew” also appear to be blind and lacking the requite amount of testosterone. 

Animal prints, posing in drop crouch pants, over accessorizing, and looking bitchier than Selena Gomez is not cool. Justin Jaden and Lil Twist all need a style intervention and anyone that is trying to dress like these Bozo’s needs to get their heads examined. Tell us what you think of the way “The kids” are dressing these days.

Hump of Dump? Looks like Justin took a Dump in his pants. Justin? Seriously?

You can tell that’s not the real TED cause TED would have beat the shit out of Twist for coming out the house like dat.

Jaden Smith on the streets of Soho

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