The most OVERSTYLED Children of Hollywood.

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While we’re on the subject of children of the rich and famous can we discuss the TRAGIC ways they dress some of these kids? Ok let’s just be clear that the editors of HFL understand the desire to dress kids up like mini-me’s…we get it. But as is often the case in LIFE some people always take things TOO FAR. Children no matter who they are (usually) have the same needs and that is to be normal CHILDREN.  Kids don’t need to be made into miniature versions of egomaniacs who just don’t get parenthood. Did we learn nothing from Mommie Dearest? Here is our list of some of the saddest cases of Parental “Over-Styling” that we’ve seen. Tell us what you think?

Zuma Stefani Rossdale - This kid looks B-A-N-A-N-A-S! It’s bad enough that they named this kid “ZUMA” but to dress him like this is a crime worthy of an anoymous call to Child Protective Services.

Landon and Alabama Barker: Travis Barker once said to a reporter that he was  ”Obsessed with his kids” Gee Travis ya think?????

Someone needs to send Travis back to rehab ASAP. These children totally need a break from the hair gel, the bad cloths and most importantly Travis.

Kingston Stefani Rossdale – Kingston has a cool name and usually looks “well adjusted” but this hair style is really over the top NUTS.

Mohawks are bad enough of fully grown adults but this is something out of a Roald Dahl book. PETA goes nuts when people dye animals different “unnatural” colors but there is no support group for human children of celebrities?”"”" SMH!

Suri Cruise - Suri Cruise is always “perfectly dressed” like some DOLL down to her min-heels. In fact you never see this child in pants or practically dressed….EVER. Can you calculate the money adult Suri will spend on therapy  ALONE and we’re not even talking about the scientology de-programing. We here at  HFL predict that Suri’s book on her “childhood” will be a best seller and make Mommie Dearest looks tame by comparison. Remember we said it FIRST!


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