The Return of the KING

April 26th, 2013 by Hotel Fashionland received Comments Off

It takes 2 to make a thing go right!

Kanye in all Black almost everything. Ye in black slim fit Givenchy button shirt (approx. $252), black wax jeans, and wheat Visvim FBT Shaman sneakers.

What is that? Velvet? 

Kanye in teal-green velvet Tom Ford cocktail blazer from the Fall/Winter 2011 Collection, dark grey tee, black jeans, and white Vans sneakers

Can I live?

Kanye can barely get into the Maybach because of the paparazzi feeding frenzy but he is wearing the fu#k outta that Blazer. Tom Ford would definitely approve of this message!


Who needs a man purse when you can rock the Comme des Garcon Homme Plus nylon backpack? FRESH to DEF.


Just when the media though they had this couple all figured out Kanye and Kim had to flip the script and prove that this couple is very much TOGETHER! Playas gonna PLAY and HATERS GONNA HATE!

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