The Strokes 2.0

March 17th, 2011 by HFL Staff received Comments Off

Has it really been five years since The Strokes released an album? Where is the band hanging out in their new video “Under Cover of Darkness”? What happened to Albert Hammond’s magnificent mini-afro? So many questions.

While we eagerly await Angles, the group’s fourth album, we’re stoked for Strokes 2.0,  if you will, which finds our favorite scuzzy New York quintet nattily clad in fitted suits and tuxes (though we still kind of miss the all-denim-all-the-time look favored by the group when they first came out).

Happily, though, the sound  hasn’t changed much: This iteration of The Strokes is still all bouncy pop melodies and layers of dirty scuzz, even if it means they’re no longer welcome  at the opera any time soon. Check out the new video for “Under Cover of Darkness  and get ready to ROCK OUT because “The Boys” are back!  Source: MTV.COM

Above: Guitarist Albert Hammond Jr, Below: Singer Julian Casablancas

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