Tom’s suspect DO

December 2nd, 2010 by HFL Staff received Comments Off

Is Tom Brady’s long, luxurious hair hiding a sad secret? Because the National Enquirer is reporting that the New England QB/QT is seeing a hair-transplant specialist!

Word from the supermarket tab is that No. 12’s beloved wife, Brazilian bombshell Gisele Bundchen, is so concerned that her hunky hubby is losing his locks, she’s sent him off to see about plugs.

Tom’s car reportedly was seen outside the Leonard Hair Transplant Association in Cranston, R.I., on Nov. 9. “He spent over an hour consulting with Dr. Leonard before he slipped out the back door and drove off,” the Enquirer reported. BTW, Dr. Robert Leonard is the same rug guru who restored former Boston Bruin Lyndon Byers’ “lettuce.”“Tom wants help with his thinning hair and bald spot,” a source told the tab. This is not the first time Tom’s reportedly been plugging for plugs. Even Justin Bieber is making fun of Tom Brady’s hair. In a video posted by Bieber late Wednesday, he raps: “Sacked like a sacker. Call up Mr. Brady. Tell him to leave his hair to the guy who sings ‘Baby.’”  WOW!

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