Tyler the Creator is a true STYLE ICON!

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“Men should keep a distance from fashion to find their own uniform”

-Olivier Zahm NEW YORK MAGAZINE 2013

Olivier Zahm got it 100% correct when he was interviewed by New York Magazine a few months ago. Men should avoid fashion and find a look that suits them best and roll with it. In modern rap its seems so cliche for rappers to be obsessive about fashion.  (Above: Casual cool! Tyler keeps it Cali cool as he walks these New York Streets.  “New York New York big city of dreams And everything in New York ain’t always what it seems….Too Much!” New York Snoop Dogg)

Before most artists today even drop their projects they are often shot in fashion editorials or seen front row at all the major shows. Tyler the Creator comes off as 100% authentic as an artist because his style is a reflection of his personality and it’s consistent and cool. Rappers can learn about more than flows from ODD Future’s BOSS. Let’s hope Tyler remains true to himself because we have enough Big Sean’s in the industry who are more often fashion victim than fashionista. (Above: Striking fellows. Street Dreams are made of these! Fashion is clearly on ODD Future’s mind…especially Earls. Being prepared is half the battle when slaying the street paps and getting that essential fashion coverage.)

What’s Going on? Yall already know. Marvin Gaye made the knit hat iconic but Tyler is making it relevant again in street fashion. Remember you heard it here FIRST! 

Supreme Style. It’s all in the EYES. Earl has an intensity that would make Joaquin Phoenix quit his day job. Supreme you know who the new look book needs to feature for 2014. Supreme cut the Check!

-HFL Editors.


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