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Fashion week may be off and running in NY, but apparantly no one was listening in LA at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards! Jason Derulo looks like he’s watched the Incredible hulk way too many times!  Nobody gets past this guy!

Usher and Justin Bieber.  Turn the Beat Around, and around… and then it goes Down.

B.o.B.  He thought they said BYOB to the paint party!

Katy Perry – Girl with the Hair patched-Dragon Tatoo.

Tyga – Giving new meaning to Versace’s Liberace!

Pharrell – Combined 3 outfits.  Rambo Halloween gear, MC hammer’s dancing pants, and some ol’Saturday Afternoon Workboots.

Awwe, how sweet, Ke$ha brought her Ponytale along to the event!  They look so intertwined.

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