Weekday Wrap or Zero Carb Noodles, N.Y. May misSHAPES

May 16th, 2010 by HFL Staff received Comments Off


While N.Y. is diffusing terror plots, the terror that is ”what to wear tonight to party” was raging.  It reached a whole new level of madness when a slim almost skinny KELLY OSBORNE showed up trying to look older than SHARON, WITH WHAT COULD BE DESCRIBED AS MOUSY brown pink grapefruit hair and a sweeping the floor flower duster. WAIT! I know what this is all about … It’s the the Royal fuddy -duddy covering up a sex-a-holic look preferred by ROYALTY.


Then there is KEMBRA PFHALER with her bondage babies and all girly glam punk excruciating alternative performance band. Go KEMBRA, GO KEMBRA!

ANTONIO BANDERAS, had a little party for his ”seventh deadly sin ,I mean SCENT! and some might say… What is up with the ”wet perm” but I say sexy!




GARBAGE … at 3a.m?  That’s what she said.


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