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Sometimes it’s easy to forget that some celebrities are really nothing like “normal” folk. Willow Smith has grown up in the seat of privilege and is the child of Hollywood Royalty. And while most 9 year olds have to attend school, do homework and attend to daily chores, Willow can use her time to carefully plot how she will be bigger than Justin Bieber.  Now here at HFL we love life in the FAB LANE and if you did not know that Willow was living The Glamorous Life you soon shall……

Look dad no Hands! Ordinary 9 year old girls love puppies, unicorns and dolls but Willow loves the paparazzi, has handlers and prefers her hands clean and free. Remember you never know when someone wants an  autograph.

Put the Puppy down and walk away….. Willow is ready to put her hands on the puppy but only AFTER the handler finds the appropriate place. “Wow this puppy is so soft!”

The Puppy stays in the picture! “Magazines love kids with puppies (well according to my NYC  publicist) so this should get me on PAGE SIX  for  sure”. “I have a CD to sell yall don’t hate the playa hate the game”.

With the photo opt accomplished the interest in the Puppy has faded and it is returned to the ground.

Poop in the grass! No need to worry, my handler handles that!

“Shout out to my haters sorry that you couldn’t phase  me!” Now this is how you walk the dog Hollywood style. Willow came she conquered and you’re so MAD!

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