Window Shopping with the Queen of POP.

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Rule #1: Always be prepared for the paparazzi!

When one makes the impulsive decision to shop you have to consider that the Paparazzi is going to be lurking. You can be incognito but also FLY as the QUEEN is clearly illustrating here.

Rule #2: Know your angles.

Rihanna knows her good sides and she always strikes the right silhouette. Lines are so important kids. Back fat and muffin top went out in the early 90′s. Rihanna keeps in shape and every photo is perfect.  Looking in the Van Cleef & Arpels window is no an effortless affair. Take that TMZ.


Rule #3: Give them face.

Removing the shade to reveal flawless skin is always a good thing. It’s all in the EYES. How can you see the sparkle of diamonds through the window if you don’t remove the shades? Rihanna already schooled you mid 80′s skeezers about Diamonds. Act like you know!

Rule #4: Make a graceful EXIT.

When all is said and done and it’s time to leave do so like a lady. Ass first, pull the legs in…and CLOSE the F@#king door!  Cya Bitches! Now that kids is how it’s done. Power shopping, setting trends and leaving photos that make your haters MAD! Questions?


Rule #5 : Bring Muscle. Bodyguards have multiple purposes.

When your power shopping people tend to get in the way so you need someone to keep the proper distance between you and your public. And you also need someone to pack your things inside the car in the appropriate way.


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