Worst Dressed at the Grammy’s

February 15th, 2011 by HFL Staff received Comments Off

Super Cuts Combs

There should be an AGE LIMIT on certain types of hair cuts. Diddy is too damn old to be cutting his hair like he about to go “clubbing” with his sons  Quincy and Justin.

Sorry Puff this is not 1988 and you’re still half stepping.  Word to the Mother!

Young Money Mutts.

Tyga still looks like he’s about to attend the prom at the Juvenile facility on Rikers Island. Tattoos and Tuxedoes don’t necessarily mix kids.

Pimping aint EASY believe me!

Ok, Ok I know Seal and Heidi like themes. I know that they had the White Trash Weeding and they love Halloween parties. But if you come to the Grammy Awards in a look that could be used in an ACORN FOX NEWS sting then u need to re-think. Didn’t Beyonce and Jay-Z come to an awards show as “Ice T and Coco”? What happened to originality?

Three strikes you’re OUT!

Young Money may have a few millionaires but what they really need are some stylists. Wayne seems uncertain on what his look exactly is but then again so are we. Wezzy, sweaters and “dress” shoes are not exactly how one should come to the GRAMMY AWARDS. Nicki if Lady Gaga is coming to the same awards you’re scheduled to appear at..this is NOT how YOU dress. I think Lil Kim said it best about these TIRED looks…”never 68 and owe one”.  THE END!

What ever happened to Baby Willow Smith?

Instead of working on the re-make of Annie this annoying CHILD “star” should be in a re-make of Whatever happened to Baby Jane. That any “parent dresses” a child like this and sends them to an awards show to be seen as “cute” or an “individual” needs to be locked up.

And please note the Louis Vuitton logo on those platformed monstrosities (sneakers) they make her wear.  This is not going to end well folks.

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