Worst Dressed of the NEW YEAR!

January 4th, 2011 by HFL Staff received Comments Off

Kelly Rowland. Happy Nip Year! 2010 was not a great year for this former member of Destiny’s Child.

Firing Matthew Knowles did not exactly boost her career or her  ambition to be taken more seriously. So in 2011 Kelly has decided shake what her doctor gave her in this tacky sheer top.

Maybe the twins can succeed where her voice has failed but judging from the audience’s reaction maybe the twins are not exactly UP 2 the task.

You can’t take the JERSEY out of JWoow! Jenni Farley keeps it “CLASSY” at the MTV New Year Bash and proved that it is possible to carry not one but two basketballs with no hands. Unfortunately for Jenni we still cried FOUL on this get up.

When FUNK FAILS. R&B singer Miguel was channeling Grace Jones and got lost in the Matrix when he walked out the house in this disaster. SCOTTY BEEM him up PLEASE!!!!! And Megan Good looks like she just redeemed a gift certificate from Forever 21. The fact that they even posed for a photo boggles the mind because you get the impression they actually think they look good!

RAZZEL BERRY. Former B2K member RAZ-B is not doing much to dispel the notion that he’s really not well (in the head) with this outfit. The over-sized (crackish) 80′s shades, those horrible skinny jeans (complete with kooky kicks) and that tired scarf all scream one word….. RAGGEDY!

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