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Valentino hosted a private book signing tonight for Hal Rubenstein’s “100 Unforgettable Dresses” at the Valentino Boutique on Madison Ave.  Hard to resist the supremity of feminity..that’s probably not even a word unless we coin it now! The cause of excessive superlativing is being any where near anything VALENTINO (The Last Emporer)!  Here Hal Rubenstein’s book signing!  (above:  Rubenstein and Ruth Finley, author of the Fashion Calander,  below:  Olivia Chantecaille and Carlos Souza)

Below:  Jennifer Creel with Hal, and Gene Pressmen.  Also attending were:  Calvin Klein, Nina Garcia, Lorenzo Martone, Shirin Von Wullfen, Valesca Gurrand-Hermes, Sofia Sanchez, Alina Cho, Gigi Mortimer, Jennifer Creel, Alexandra Lebenthal, Carlos Mota, Jessica Diehl, Chelsea Leyland, Candy Pratts-Price, Marjorie Gubelmann, Ann Caruso, Carlyne Cerf, Cindy Weber Cleary, and Nina Griscom.

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