Grand Opening of Dream Downtown

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Last night’s Grand Opening of Dream Downtown, PH-D Rooftop Lounge and Marble Lane Restaurant in NYC oozed an unmistakable ”something different” air that took me a little while to pinpoint and then it came to me from a drunked, high, cross-eyed, staggering guest who slurped … ”It’s effing Las Vegas in there”  This is a good thing, right?  It will certainly take some of the Standard’s fifteen minute’s stranglehold of fame away! (above: Kellan Lutz)

The party, instead of being restricted to a relatively small space,was everywhere and the view from multiple open terraces, stunning. Hidden carefully from almost everyone’s view was yesterday’s wild handsome talented boy actor the now venerable beauty-only chaser Leo Di Caprio.

(l-r: Ann Jones, Vikram Chatwel and Vito Schnabel) It was quite the odd and hilarious moment when carefully guarded Leo was whisked or paraded if you will down the long  step and repeat past the frustrated photographers and reporters instead of walking in the front door to the left of our cordoned off pen?  One clever photographer broke free and hid crouching in the doorway,catching a shot of the baseball cap and Leo’s chinny chin chin … not exactly a $8,000 photo like the old days.

But the DRAMA was genuine, there was an arrest, someone dragged into a waiting police van,lots and lots of really hard core N.Y. Nightlifers, like Nur Khan, Richie Akiva, Steve Lewis, Noah Tepperberg, Jason Strauss, and the legendary beautiful model herder Danny A. and The spark of I am having fun tonight if it kills me .

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