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Jared Leto, aka 30 Seconds to Mars front man, and formerly known as Jordan Catalano from My So Called Life has made yet a new “change”.


Being a poser at this level is not easy kids. Being cropped out of pictures in favor of more relevant stars like Chase Crawford and Ed Westwick must be extremely hard on poor Mr. Leto. So hard in fact that he needed to make such a drastic change in the attention whore traditions of late. Maybe if this change were more gradual (and maybe if he were not in such a lame “band”) we might be more accepting but we can see the newly clipped hairs on his brand new designer shirt. Epic Fail “Jordan” we man Jared.

Above in NYC / February 14, 2010 at MEN’S CALVIN KLEIN COLLECTION.  Then in London at Burberry Prosum.

As lead singer with 30 Seconds to Mars playing live in concert at the M.E.N. Arena in Manchester 2/20/2010

30 Seconds to MARS

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3 Responses to “JARED’S 30 SECOND HAIR CUT”

  1. Kiwiikink says:

    epic fail of this sh… i mean article.

  2. Juliet says:

    ok, so u say that 30 Seconds To Mars is lame. Wich I respect your opinion, but if they really r lame, then way they sold out the Wembley Arena, Manchester, Nottinghan, and Cardiff. I think that before of say something like that u should really do some research.

  3. HFL Staff says:

    You’ll be happy to know that Hotel FashionLand is a style democracy, therefore we appreciate your input. One person’s epic fail is another’s Epic, period.