Kate Moss x London Fashion Week

September 22nd, 2011 by Hotel Fashionland received 8 Comments »

Well Fashion Week in London is over and it’s off to Milan but one of the highlights was seeing Kate Moss in action looking as beautiful as ever.  Does this woman ever AGE?  Clearly married life has not slowed this beauty down in terms of being a SUPER STAR the fashion scene.  Here are some photos of Kate on the prowl looking every bit the Legendary Super Model that she is.


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8 Responses to “Kate Moss x London Fashion Week”

  1. jolli howlett says:

    love you taking me there, thank you. What a fabulous face has that ms moss…such a pleasure looking at her

  2. paree says:

    Kate proves sex, drugs and starving are not that bad for you!

  3. ctc says:

    Dear Kate,
    William should have married you cause you are QUEEN KATE ,you rule…there is no one …no one like you and that is a good thing ..a Princess of pretty…

  4. devon says:

    I wish I could shimmy like my sister KATE.

  5. Kristie says:

    I wonder if Kate Moss knows how really extraordinary her ”looks” are. If you break it down she has normal features like any pretty girl but when put together it is just riveting and even haunting how a pretty plainish Janish can be so sensational.
    Go Kate forever..

  6. Palmer says:

    If I HAD ONLY ONE CHOICE TO BE A WOMAN I would want to look like Kate instead of Lady GAGA!

  7. TAYLOR says:

    Kate RULES!
    This girl can do no wrong in my eyes!
    KATE for President. The hell with Obama.
    Kate can bring world peace and would dress better than Michelle Obama. Believe that!

  8. patty perfect says:

    patty Kate ,patty Kate baker;s man
    bake me a Kate Kake as fast as you can!