Remember when Lindsay was a fresh face NATURAL beauty?

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There must be something in the water in Long Island because we are at a complete loss to explain Lindsay shocking new look. It’s no secret that the “Mean Girls” star has made more headlines recently for her trouble with the law than for any acting accolades. What is puzzling, however, is the motivation behind the look, which makes the star look quite older than her actual age of 25. That RIGHT Lindsay Lohan is only TWENTY FIVE! Questions, questions so many questions. Was her hard-partying lifestyle the only thing aging Lindsay Lohan? Or has plastic surgery played a part?

The lights appear to be turning green for troubled actress Lindsay Lohan these days, with her Saturday Night Live hosting gig set for March 3, and praise this week from the judge overseeing her progress in her drunk driving case. But some yellow caution lights are popping up, too — from plastic surgeons. Some say she should put the brakes on any cosmetic procedures and get a smart skin care regimen going.  Now.

Here’s a sampling:

“With all her substance abuse problems and plastic surgery, Lindsay Lohan looks much older than her 25-years of age, and instead looks closer to 45 in my opinion. Well, that’s what substance abuse and plastic surgery gone wrong does to you.” —

“Yup, folks. This is really Lindsay Lohan. What the heck is going on with her? She’s obviously still getting work done. Lindsay is starting to look “Freaky” and should stop seeing her plastic surgeon … and start seeing a therapist!” – Dr. Anthony Youn

“Priority number one is to stop tanning and get on a medical skin care routine. Smoking can cause premature aging, fine lines and poor healing. If she has bad habits then they need to stop.” – Dr. Vincent Afsahi

“Lindsay Lohan takes drastic steps to salvage her looks — and fails miserably … Hard to believe she’s 25!” – In Touch magazine

Looking like Donatella Versace at age 25 is not COOL! Lindsay better pump those breaks now before she starts looking like Victoria Gotti at age 26!


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