Anatomy of a Celebrity Appearance during NYC Fashion Week.

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1. I got you Babe!  Two stars arriving at a fashion show hand and hand screams for attention but it also says Kimye is armed and ready for battle with all da HATERS.

To the untrained eye this gesture says that these two are a “real  couple” and they are not ashamed to show it. *Kanye Shrug*. This of course  was outfit change number 2 for Kimmie Cakes…..she clearly wanted to appear  more “ride or die” and better match her man who’s “double denim” look is a  fashion faux pas of the highest order….but we digress.  (Kim and Kanye hand-in-hand into Nomad restaurant NYC)

2. It’s all in the EYES. “Tell me more about my eyes?” Kimye is showing just how comfortable they are just being in the presence of each other for the Public to chit chat about. Pay no attention to the man behind the Camera! This is a real moment!  Celebrities are really “just like us” and if you don’t believe that just  look at this photo again!

3. The Kimye Whisper. No Tea no Shade!  Whispering can be seen as rude to some but hushed communications scream intimacy and extreme comfort between two people.  Kimye are clearly enraptured in what’s happening on the runway and this conversation may lead to something extraordinary down the line…or that is what they want US to believe. You be the judge.  (Kimye and Derek B attend Louise Goldin Spring 2013 at Milk Studios)

4. Body Language is EVERYTHING!  Kimye are ALWAYS aware of the camera just in case people did not see them walking hand and hand into the show a little display of PDA inside of the venue is  always a plus to grab headlines. Kim is showing submission and Kanye is  being dominate and controlling. It’s all in the body language kids. Notice  where his hand is….this is clearly “LOVE.”  

5. The Drifters.  When cameras are fixated on you in every direction it’s very hard to calculate exactly when or where  you’re being photographed and the lights being low naturally lulls one into  a false sense of security.  Kimye are MILES apart in this unguarded moment.  Wonder what they could be thinking about? One can safely assume these two  are NOT thinking about each other.  #justsaying

6. Drifting…..again.  It’s clear that these two have their awkward moments…in between takes that is.  Caption this photo and win a PRIZE.

7. True LOVE.  Kimye got the most animated backstage when handling the pieces from the Goldin Show. Are they really SUPER excited about a potential purchase or are they generating interest for a designer that did Kanye a HUGE solid by designing his disastrous collection? In a world where  a tweet from Kim or Kanye generates E-Commerce one has to question the  authenticity of the smiles and the love that is being shown backstage. But then again we may be able to the apply this same theory to this entire evening with Kimye. What do you think? Quid pro quo or REAL LOVE?

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