Are Jay-Z and Beyonce the new “Trumps”?

January 12th, 2012 by Hotel Fashionland received 2 Comments »

The birth of Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s baby girl has had the Internet in a tizzy. From a fantasy registry to a way of creating your own Beyoncé baby name, and the funniest inside jokes inspired by Blue Ivy Carter.

Blue Ivy’s parents may be taking extra precautions to ensure that no paparazzi snap photos of their baby girl, but where there’s a will, the Internet has a way. Jay-Z’s face Photoshopped onto stock baby photos has emerged as one of the newest Internet enjoyments of the week.

Let’s hope Blue Ivy won’t look anything like these bizarre photo creations (but if the baby is really BE_YAWN_CE’s it will) which borrow more heavily on Jay-Z’s UGLY features than those of the renowned beauty Beyonce.

The ultra annoying pair are now reportedly hiding the new baby Blue in this Scarsdale, NY abode. Let’s hope they keep her there until she’s 16. We have officially had ENOUGH!


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2 Responses to “Are Jay-Z and Beyonce the new “Trumps”?”

  1. banananana says:

    truly offensive,really truly……….really

  2. BeeMajor says:

    offensive? really? cool story babe.