Fendi by the NUMBERS

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You’ve got to hand it to Karl Lagerfeld. There is no way that the inspiration behind his spring collection for Fendi would have been obvious to anyone.  The gloved one never let the concept, which was based on the idea of mathematical formulas, with their rigorous purity of systematic and rational thinking, overshadow the clothes.

Lagerfeld then gave a whole new meaning to the phrase “applied mathematics” by working this theme into a fine riff on Italian la dolce vita fifties dressing, right down to the very coiffured hair.

Other times, the math reference was as simple as the dots that punctuated the sand suede Lagerfeld used for a soft, loose hooded jacket, or the A-line skirt he topped with a graph-paper check tank.

It all added up in the end to precision of cut and crispness of shape and was balanced out by the kind of easy, unfussy approach that defines the pleasure of dressing for summer in the city. Source: Vogue.com


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2 Responses to “Fendi by the NUMBERS”

  1. bejing says:

    I desperately want two of those bracelets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. TAYLOR says:

    This collection is beautiful. I love simple things and Fendi is poetic in it’s simplicity. Karl does a much better job with Feni than Chanel I think. LOVE those bracelets as well!