Flourescent Ball: Modern Museum of Arts & Design Center

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A wee bit far away from your basic ”NATHAN’S HOT DOG” sign these flourescents were sublime… Consider the murderous or suicidal suggestive NOOSE (yah, below) or everybody’s dreamy mother’s little helper the NANOBOT. (above)


The Museum of Arts & Design’s Young Patrons Gala, The FLUORESCENT BALL, now in its 3rd year with the downtown come uptown energy including: Co-chairs Waris Ahluwalia, Tyson Beckford, Karim Rashid, and Mazdack Rassi who joined these one-of-a-kind works with “fluorescent” as the theme for a one night only art sale.  Pictured below:  Jen Lombardo and Alison Brie

DJs for the evening are Paul Sevigny, Leo Fitzpatrick & Chrissie Miller and Chelsea Leyland (above).

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  1. SILLY GOOSE says:

    love the noose rhymes with goose