Guess who Katy Perry is rumored to be dating now?

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When pop star Katy Perry attended the Chanel show during Paris Fashion Week earlier this month, the smurf-haired singer was seated front row next to France’s foremost celebrity model/singing/dancing boy-toy: Baptiste Giabiconi.

For anyone not up on their singing/dancing/model boy-toys, Baptiste is the chiseled and coiffed vision of perfection oft touted by Karl Lagerfeld in various Chanel campaigns and shows.

Karl has called him “the boy version of Gisele” and even went so far as to render a naked Baptiste in chocolate, on a bed for his bizarre Magnum hotel suite – but we digress… This season saw him make the transition from pretty face to front row fodder because the past year has seen Baptiste take part in the French version of Strictly Come Dancing, ‘Danse Avec Les Stars’

(on which judge Alessandra Martines rather rudely commented “Last week we saw a man who was just an object; and tonight we’ve seen a real man, a man who is real, strong, sensual and sexy”); and launch a pop career of his own with debut single ‘Showtime’ and a video straight out of Zoolander.

Anyway, back to the Chanel show, where Katy Perry did her level best to pretend she hadn’t even clocked the man hunk on her right, even angling her body away from him lest his testosterone emissions should fell her.  But what is this we see? Katy, back in Paris so soon… and who’s that meeting her off the Eurostar? Why it’s Baptiste!

Newly-single Perry seems to have found the perfect deviation from her divorce proceedings, and why not.  The only shocking thing perhaps is that Baptiste kissed a girl and he liked it – we were laboring under the impression that his preferences were more Steve (Karl) than Eve (Katy). Only in Fashionland Kids.

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  1. Sheri says:

    I never thought I would be speechless!