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Robert Pattison has got to be the most popular young male star on the planet. Even Tina Fey ( a very smart and “married woman”) appears not to be immune to the charms of this undead movie star. Here at Fashionland we like to try and figure out how a person goes from being an unremarkable Harry Potter peripheral character into being the white hot super nova of a  new Hollywood franchise??

We have conducted a myriad of polls, had countless focus groups and conducted scientific studies to give you the answer to what makes an ordinary teen boy into box office platinum and we are very pleased to present our findings……. It’s the hair folks!


Robert Pattison mane is what makes women pass out, stalk and stand in line for hours just to get a look at him. We also hear that when filming commences on Twilight that Robert’s hair has to be a particular length to satisfy the fans and producers.

This however is not a new Hollywood invention because Disney has also cashed in on this approach with Zac Efron which leaves us with one unanswered question.  Who has the best hair? Clash of the Teen Titans who has better hair we just can’t decide Zac or Bobby Pat?


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6 Responses to “IT’S TOTALLY THE HAIR”

  1. glamababy says:

    AM I DREAMING …THIS IS POSITIVELY HAIR-RAISING ..THE dreamiest posting yet I can’t stop scrolling up and down…up and down….

  2. SWEETATER says:

    EYES TOO,Let’s not forget the eyelashes either…

  3. hellbaby says:

    Blue eyes ,Blue skies,Blue water,Blue blood

  4. mickey says:

    sexy boy toys!

  5. notupforgrabs says:

    i prefer ephron

  6. Sapphire Rose says:

    robert pattinson all the way