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Paris Match!  Kanye West and his new girlfriend have been the talk of the City of Lights. These two have challenged the fashion elite and added a splash of color and youth to the front row. Mr. West is exactly the type of person that we celebrate in Fashionland.


Being Fearless with fashion is an effective way to conquer it and two are always better than one when making that all important entrance. These two seem to have the right chemistry (and stylist) and who knows maybe they will last till next season at least. But as we have come to understand, Mr. West is always subject to innovation and change but for now let us enjoy this wonderful fashion pair.



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One Response to “KAYNE TAKES PARIS!!!”

  1. SoLastSeason says:

    Hmmm, not bad K. But whoa comme de fuck down, I’m having more 80′s flashbacks, Red Sonja, Susan Powder but to the nth degree. But I can’t and won’t hate so do you Mr. West.