Light Skinned Pretty Girls

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“All eyes on me when I walk in. No question that this girl’s a 10. Don’t hate me cause I’m beautiful.” Kerry Hilson
Lisa Bonet made the Cosby show COOL and watchable  for modern america and it sure did not stop there kids. Lisa Bonet defined ideal beauty for decades and she was the perfect blend of both worlds long before Halle Berry came onto the scene. Let’s face it even in 2012 the lighter the skin tone the more popular you are especially in entertainment. Let’s examine two of the HOTTEST most desirable girls in the WORLD shall we?. Rihanna is the “TOP SELLING Digital Artist of ALL TIME” with 47.5 Million digitaldownloads. Rihanna’s talent speaks for itself but her looks also has a lot to do with it. We sure don’t see Estelle or Mary J. Blige selling digital music anywhere near these numbers and is that any surprise? We’ll stick with the saying…”If you’re light you’re alright.” Now Cassie is also extreemly talented. Why do you think this BEAUTIFUL girl has so many magazine editorials, beauty contracts and a new CD about to drop? We sure don’t see people flocking to purchase Brandy’s new CD. Stay tuned while we celebrate real BEAUTY and the “TOP Shelf” females of the Music industry. Like Kerry Hilson sang…”Don’t hate them because their beautiful”. Why do you think of these striking young ladies appeal to so many?
Rihanna gets LOUD! How many women do you know who could rock this beautiful long red weave? EXACTLY.
Rihanna’s beachy Keen
Cassie is an OFFICAL GIRL.
Even Calvin Klein knows what time it is.
Cassie is beautiful from front to back!

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One Response to “Light Skinned Pretty Girls”

  1. johnny 2 says:

    wow-one thing is fer sur Cassie has 2 sides lol… but Rihanna has the face. best in the world!