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2. Sloppy Seconds.  Beyonce set the MTV awards on fire when she announced that she was expecting Blu Ivy after her performance of Love on Top. It’s clear that particular show had a BIG impact on Wiz and Amber. Despite walking about for months looking pregnant and lying about it Amber and Wiz decided to officially announce Amber’s status on the red carpet of the Awards…..*Cricket*.  Note to Wiz. Stop following Bruh! Sloppy Seconds are not cool. If you can’t lead don’t follow. Dating Kanye’s old girl and then trying to be Beyonce is a double fail. And while we’re on the nature of failure let’s talk about Wiz’s look….. 

3. Black and Terrible.  Will someone tell Wiz that looking like Blackula 2012 was is not chic? This is how you destroy a perfectly good Vivienne Westwood suit kids. Too many tattoos just make you look like an Ex-Con and no suit is going to save you. And that hair style is just lame at this point. Wiz you’re not Andre 3000. Wiz you have NO STYLE. Wiz please have several SEATS! Thx!

4. Frank Ocean is riding the Wave of Publicity.  If you don’t know who Frank Ocean is at this point you’ve been living under a rock. Frank Ocean famously “came out” just before his Cd Channel Orange was released. Sporting his traditional headband Frank sang Thinkin’ Bout You,” one of the unlikeliest hits of 2012, to the MTV Video Music Awards stage.

The audience unfortunately just did not get it. Frank seemed to be suffering from a case of self importance with his moody lighting and equally uneven singing performance. Dude you’re not Prince. And don’t get us started on Frank’s Red Carpet look.

5. Emma Watson in Peter Pilotto….. The results are MIXED.  Emma Watson usually casts the Imperius Curse on all her fans who are in a dream like Trance when she does….ANYTHING.  We the editors of HFL are always under her control when it comes to fashion but this dress was just not working for us.  To this dress we say….Expelliarmus!

6. Stunting.  Zzzzzzz.  MTV would not be MTV without some forced BS move.  Remember the Britney Madonna Kiss?  Or the Michael Jackson Lisa Marie Presely kiss?  Well this years new kid A$AP Rocky got all “touchy” with Rih Rih in front of the world.  Too bad for A$AP that Rihanna’s other planned kiss with her felonious Ex boyfriend Chris Brown got ALL the attention.  Oh well.  Better luck next year Rock!

7. OD’ing.  Chainz was looking like a Jamaican refugee from the Emerald City in the Wiz with his gold lame pants and accessories. Remember kids it was well over 95 degrees in LA. This is classic doing too dam much. Hip Hop clowns always play the FOOL.

8. Gabby Douglas or Viola Davis?  Gabby may have won Olympic gold and our hearts but this red carpet look was all wrong.

She may have the celebrity hair stylist Ted Gibson doing her hair and a team of stylist but remember this is a vibrant teenager.

No 16 year old should look this bad. Gabby should not be looking like Viola Davis at 16.  If Gabby went short (inclusive of the weave) like her teammates she would have won Gold on the Red Carpet as well.

Above: Gabby Douglas, Kyla Ross, McKayla Maroney, Jordyn Wiber and Alexandra Raisman, arrivals.


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