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Yes, the editors of HFL did not bother to attend the Billboard awards this year but we did manage watch from home and let’s just say it was beyond tired. Of all the useless awards shows this one is as “INDUSTRY” as they get (save the BET awards..more on that later). I would not be surprised if the labels paid for some of these “awards”in a quid pro quo type of way.. ya DIG?. And as usual the fashions were nothing to write home about (the music world is not exactly the most stylish) but the one thing that did grab our attention was the over the top hair-styles (and straight up wigs) that found their way onto the red carpet. Here is a collection of some of the most ” interesting” hair styles of the night. Let’s review shall we?

Rihanna. The Princess of Pop stayed true to her title and updated her hair in a tasteful way that really stood out and  yet looked modern. So glad she left the Little Mermaid look at home and killed the Side Show Bob Mop top as well. Rihanna is winning here and we approve. We so wish she rocked this length and style for the cover of VOGUE but we digress.
Nicki Minaj. Nicki’s Hair left us like “Ci-ERROR”…..”SPEECHLESS”. But a Nicki lyric also came immediately to mind….”Last name Ann….first name RAGGEDY!” This is an epic fail Nicki. Before you fire shots at Lil’ Kim please look in the mirror sweetie. And while you’re there please take that wig off and give it back to the circus clown who you stole it from.

Michelle Williams. The Power of the PERM. When you’re the weakest member of Destiny’s Child you have to figure out some way to stand out. Michelle Williams chose to use her hair to help her to be noticed. And yes she took it to church!  We also have the feeling that some girls (probably from the DC area) will be rocking this EXACT style for prom 2011 and well beyond. Never under estimate the power of the Just for Me Perm.
Mary J. Blige. No more BANGS…..please! This hair style looked liked it hurt and it also aged her. This hairstyle made Mary look super old and hostile….don’t let that fake smile fool ya. Indian hair does have it limits Mary… sometimes less is way more.

Ke$ha. Ke$ha must have woken this morning feeling like P-Diddy! And we know she must have brushed her teeth with a bottle of Jack because there has to be an explanation for why her hair looks this dam busted.  K we get it you don’t give a dam but would it hurt you to at look like you owned some soap and a bottle of Pantene? Seriously K?
The Rock Star! She told ya, she told ya, she told ya, baby!  She’s a rockstar!  Bey’s lace front is flawless here (as usual).

And the message here is simple…”Make sure you get a picture I’m rocking my fame.” Beyonce keeps it LACED!

Fergie. Fergie’s hair is nice and everything but we couldn’t quite get past her face. There is so much BOTOX pumped into this face that we were obsessed with it every time the camera stopped on it during her performance. Fergie’s mug managed not change it’s expression once the entire time she sang on stage…but her hair was S-I-T-T-I-N-G!
Justin Bieber. The original Biber was cool (ok tolerable) but since when did Justin think that looking like Ellen DeGeneres was cool? This hair style is so lame yet it fits this annoying douche perfectly.

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  1. luster says:

    Beyonce and Michelle have the same hair ,different color.
    Justin is still popular with somebody?
    Fergie and Mary J both look ancient.
    Nikki has such a mouth for rappin’her hair just has to be there and at least some of her face is actually some of her original face.