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Paris is synonymous with fashion and we would expect nothing less than spectacular in terms of Fashion Week in the fabled City of Lights. While the rest of the world may be suffering from the recession and appearing moderate in the face of uncertainty the fashion community in Paris feels no such pain. When Karl Largerfeld asked people to “stop crying about the recession” and stated that his clothes are “still for the very rich” few in Paris’ fashion elite blinked and eye.

It is this notion of being true to creativity that keeps all eyes on Paris’ interpretation of fashion. Fearlessness is essential and recessionistas better start saving on tissue now because nothing will stop the party in Paris when it comes to fashion. Light, cameras, fashion!


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5 Responses to “THE DEVIL LOVES PARIS.”

  1. Tatiana says:

    I love this photo within a photo. The little kid rocks! It looks like a movie set. Great job, Fashionland!!!

  2. jrswifty says:

    hot shot… incrdible pics of paris Hotel! Where’d this sit cm from?

  3. tom tessler says:

    a rare moment where lagerfeld let’s his gaurd down… unblivble pic!

  4. tom tessler says:

    nblivable pic – rare moment where KL let’s you see behind the curtain…

  5. daddy says:

    They all look frightened by the kid.I agree kids can be frightening