Style Wars goes Cannes!

May 21st, 2011 by Hotel Fashionland received 4 Comments »

Are you ready?  Cause these two fella’s are!!!  That’s right – It’s Brad against Kayne.  Kayne looks a little sloppy – But Brad’s no TEN either!  Brad might be onto something with an updated clean beige updated Miami Vice look but it looks as if Brad might have  borrowed Kayne’s gold necklace and swiped another from Angie ‘s jewlrey box!  Advice to Brad – Lose that grey Goatee and get yourself a nicer pair of shoes Dude!  If it weren’t for those very hip retro Tinted Tortoise Shell shades, Kayne might have edged you out!  And as for the shades, quoted as being Tom Ford, (Bachardy?) or to us like Robert Marc (RM 624-80Tortoise)Sun-Glassanista’s, DISCUSS!


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4 Responses to “Style Wars goes Cannes!”

  1. DIVINITY says:

    Wow! where to start,first off, from DAY 1 on the scene BRAD PITT doesn’t have to dress up or down,in or out, cause he is besides Johnny Depp just about the almighty best lookin’ guy to ever be.
    Kanye is very talented and genius and rich and fresh and , and but well he’s no heartthrobbin’
    Terence Howard,no sexxxy Lenny KRAVITZ,no commanding dye for him DENZEL so he BE stylin’ it all the way to Cannes and back BUT THE LADIES HEART’S BE FLIPPIN AND FLOPPIN’ like dyin’ fish for MR. Pitt no matter his Good Humor Man outfit, his sunglasses,his silly ass sneakers BUT…YES! Ditch the uglee goatee!

  2. Alex says:

    Good God, what is up with this site’s obsession with posting boring pics of Kanye West all over it? Yeah Kanye, you heard me right!

  3. jammy says:

    I am obsessed with the madness and egotism and paranoia that is Kanye.
    KEEP IT COMING ,Fashionlame,I mean Fashionland.*

  4. luigi says:

    Kanye looks in the same in every picture!Your wasting precious space!