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WOODS for Leibovitz

We here at Hotel Fashionland try not to be too political unless it has to do with style wars of one sort or another. But this Vanity Fair cover seems to have little to do with Tiger’s moral transgressions. This kids is a statement cover. Vanity Fair has officially taken Tiger’s American Express Black card away and he is no longer a member of the Billionaires Boys Country Club. With this cover photography (from 2006) Tiger’s image has gone from Louis Winthrope (the Third) of the 1983 movie Trading Places to Billy Ray Valentine for all the world to see. Clearly Elin Woods is not the only person who feels betrayed by Tiger. We have not seen a descent like this since OJ’s Time Magazine cover. Maybe Michael Jackson was right when he coined the phrase “Media Larva”. Discuss.

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3 Responses to “TRADING PLACES”

  1. johnnie b says:

    sounds like you need nodoz tiger

  2. yellomellowman says:

    Dude… if you had it coming at you like that… man!

  3. pats says:

    Tiger is just pulling another MADONNA! And he SHOULD!!!