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Our HFL editors took a little poll the other day asking a wide variety of N.Y. based FASHIONAHOLICS…. including designers, editors, savvy little toothpick-thin beauties wandering around F.I.T., and shaved head- multi-tattooed, pieced and mohawked ”beings”  spread out on the hallowed steps of the former “FILLMORE EAST” on ST.MARKS PLACE at 2a.m… oh the question…

Who are the top designers showing this week in PARIS!


Another question caused pause for intense reflection….”WHO F**KING CARES?”  Not surprisingly, the most mentioned name was KARL LAGERFELD…AND in the same breath CHANEL.


There were some good answers along with some good questions instead of answers… like DEAD or ALIVE?? … which was a fair question considering we lost the one that usually topped all lists this year…  YVES ST. LAURENT who among may other things made having a ”LE SMOKING TUXEDO BLACK PANTSUIT” in  a stylish woman’s wardrobe a necessity.


KARL, born somewhere between 1933 and 1938 has been associated with CHANEL since 1983 and is quite the character.  Just last year he designed a limited edition teddy bear in his image complete with trademark sunglasses, wearing a black suit, and a starched white shirt.  We can only be grateful the bear was not sporting a fur coat further driving the PETA people crazy which he has been known to do declaring the anti-fur protesters as ”childish”.  His persona is sooooo outrageous there exists a blog called ”fake Karl”  (…  His designs and execution are ”DIVINE”

DIOR/JOHN GALLIANO …..for many there is no other!I   know I witnessed first hand what is referred to as a ”fashion moment” in high fashion circles.  Born in 1960 in GIBRALTAR, SIR JUAN CARLOS ANTONIO GALLIANO GUILLEN—-JOHN GALLIANO IN 1993 formed an association with the PORTUGUESE socialite and fashion patron SAO SCHLUMBERGER who allowed him the use of her unoccupied PARISIAN mansion in the LEFT BANK.  He created 17 black outfits in 15 days!  It was rumoured that KATE MOSS, HELENA CHRISTENSEN, NAOMI CAMPBELL, LINDA EVANGELISTA and NADJA AUERMANN all waived their usual couture appearance fees to be part of the show. 

I still have the invitation which was a rusty key dangling from an over sized tag that  included the hand lettered address of the Schlumberger mansion.  The courtyard was filled with anxious to be included guests…. some had received smaller keys and they had to be content with simply being in the courtyard and looking in the open doors as the models slowly descended the circular staircase that was strewn with hundreds of roses.  I WAS GIVEN THE PROPER KEY by a close mutual friend SIMON BARKER who worked for his close, until they separated, personal friends VIVIENNE WESTWOOD and MALCOLM MCLAREN!

to be continued…

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