Zuma lives a very pampered LIFE.

August 23rd, 2011 by Hotel Fashionland received 1 Comment »

Being the child of Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossale can have it’s¬†obvious advantages. Whatever Zuma wants Zuma gets and that includes getting his nails painted to match his Captain American costume. Apparently in this day and age it’s A-OK to indulge children in whatever they want to express.

And since Zuma and his brother Kingston rarely get told no about anything perhaps this is the best way to raise a creative child ….. or is it? Discuss?


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One Response to “Zuma lives a very pampered LIFE.”

  1. Shawn Taylor says:

    Ok Zuma is just a kid. I don’t see anything wrong with having his nails painted. It’s fun for him at this age. Go Zuma go!